State Department of Justice investigating oil spill – Press telegram

The California Department of Justice has begun investigating the cause of the oil spill off Huntington Beach. Attorney General Rob Bonta announced at a press conference with US Senator Alex Padilla on Monday that civil and criminal liability could be considered.

“We are working with federal, state and local governments to determine the cause of the spill and if there is anything we can do to prevent or minimize this disaster,” Bonta said. I was standing right by the sandy beach. The contours of the oil rig connected to the damaged pipeline are barely visible off in the afternoon haze.

“If we break our law, we hold these people accountable. “

The news is in Huntington Beach for the first time as a pipeline spill on October 1-2 spilled up to 131,000 gallons of oil into waters off Orange County, killing wildlife and damaging businesses local. It arrived the same day the visitor picked up. City officials said Wednesday that water quality tests showed “undetectable” amounts of petroleum-related toxins in seawater.

Padilla and Bonta said they were encouraged by what they saw on the elevated roads in the spill area on Monday. They said there was no visible oil in the water and praised the clean-up efforts of around 1,600 workers on the coastline.

“But that does not alleviate the horrific and lasting consequences of this disaster. The disasters we know have widespread impacts on our fish, wildlife, communities and economy, ”Bonta said. Noted.

Most of the beach remained empty Monday afternoon, but dozens of people were hanging out near the Huntington Beach Pier.

Colin Porter, 30, came to Orange County from Salt Lake City on vacation with his wife and 4-year-old daughter last week. After arriving on Tuesday and returning home, they learned of the spill and were happy to be on the beach for a day. But Porter said he wasn’t sure about the water and was sticking to the sand.

Such concerns did not stop Evan Boretto, 30, of Huntington Beach, from surfing on Monday. He said, “What is it?” He said he believes the rain spills, Fukushima and others are already affecting the quality of local water. But Bourret said he hoped that in order to prevent these future disasters from happening, we will soon be “all electric” and no longer need to drill for oil here.

How it happened and how to prevent it from happening again is a major issue pursued by local, state, and federal regulators.

Also on Monday in Huntington Beach, the state legislature announced the creation of a special committee to investigate oil spills. Speaker of Parliament Anthony Rendon has said he has appointed Speaker of Parliament Cotti Petrie Norris, D-Laguna Beach.

“This is an important step in ensuring that we get to the root of this tragedy and fulfill state level oversight and accountability,” Petrinoris said at a press conference alongside Tarbert Marsh. .. On a small aluminum boat, a long-handled rake and a net were used to pick up the brown foam from the water.

Some of the oil flowed into the wetlands, where it was trapped and purified by a containment dam, but those that could not be extracted from the water might have to be washed off the rocks and dug up with earth. .

Petrie-Norris said the Commission will make the necessary regulatory changes to inspect offshore oil operations and ensure the best technology is used to detect and respond to future spills. He said he would consider it as well.

The committee will begin a hearing in November.

“I am outraged that Congress has not been able to prevent this harmful oil spill,” said Padilla, saying the oil had already entered environmentally sensitive wetlands. “The trade-off between oil production and environmental damage should no longer be made by us. “

Padilla, a member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said she was working on financial relief and looking for ways to prevent future disasters.

Padilla recently joined US Senator Dianne Feinstein and D-San Francisco in California to ask Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to investigate oil spills, including parent company Amplify Energy and Beta Offshore Repeated Safety Violations. I did. A subsidiary that operates a pipeline. Padilla released the results of the investigation and asked Butigeg to promise a clear timeline for safety regulations such as inspecting existing pipelines, shutoff valves and leak detection systems.

Depending on the results of those investigations and the cause of the spill, Padilla said she would consider specific legislative changes that could help reduce the likelihood of such a disaster happening again.

The House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Committee, comprising Mike Levin of San Juan Capistrano, Katie Porter of Irvine and Alan Lowenthal, on Wednesday demands new federal pipeline integrity and safety regulations for safety legislation offshore pipelines. Chat about. I’m offline. The Commission will also review the Foreign Liability Act 2021. This forces operators of offshore oil and gas installations to report critical system failures to the Home Secretary.

When asked about reports that the latest spill was delayed, Bonta said, “I don’t want to anticipate the investigation too much,” and the state is at the bottom of what happened as the process is over. He did not give an estimate of the duration of the investigation.

Bonta also said the cost of the purification and the economic impact on businesses cannot yet be estimated.

According to Padilla, the only way to avoid future spills is to ban all offshore drilling. As such, he is a co-sponsor of Feinstein’s West Coast Marine Conservation Act, which was reintroduced earlier this year to ban new oil and gas drilling on the California, Oregon and Washington coasts. . He called for the bill to be included in the Senate budget adjustment package.

When asked if the oil companies are in favor of ending their current federal waters drilling contract, Padilla will likely need significant federal funding to purchase the current contract. Noted. .. “

Senator Dave Min of D-Irvine also attended the press conference on Monday. Last week, Min announced plans to introduce legislation to stop all offshore drilling, including efforts under the current contract.

After an update Monday afternoon, Min reported that 47 dead birds had been recovered, three more had been euthanized after collection and 27 were recovered alive. He said 13 barrels of floating tarballs had been collected.

Visitors are advised not to touch the tar balls if they are found, as the beach will reopen. Instead, you should report sightings of toxic pollutants to [email protected]

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