Makers of Bay-Bay Water describes the purification process of its distilled water

The company that allows parents to deliver purified distilled water to babies in a safer way, reveals the purification process.

MIAMI LAKES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 25, 2021 / – Distilled water, according to industry experts, is the purest form of drinking water on the planet. This is why representatives with Baie-Baie Water today revealed the process of purifying distilled water.

Osmay Gonzalez, spokesperson for Bay-Bay Water, explained that to ensure that the company provides the best distilled water for infant formula, its quality checks are extremely thorough.

“Filter inspections and changes are done on a strict schedule,” Osmay said. “The ozone levels are checked every hour. In addition, daily and hourly records of ozone levels and filter changes are mandatory.

Bay-Bay Water’s distilled water is certified by National Testing Laboratories Ltd. in accordance with US Food and Drug Administration 21CFR quality standards, section 165.110 (b).

“Our distillation process is also carefully monitored and well above average,” Osmay noted before adding: “The water is first softened, then it passes through a 1 micron filter to remove microscopic impurities Only filtered water goes into the still, and after the distillation process it is stored in temperature controlled silos until ready for ozone treatment and packaging.

Water, according to Osmay, is purified by one of three processes: reverse osmosis, distillation, and deionization. Bay-Bay relies on the process of distillation, which involved boiling, condensing and steaming to provide the purest result.

“The health of your baby is our top priority,” Osmay stressed. “In our production facility, the single-serve bottles arrive wrapped in cling film. Before bottle pallets leave the truck, they are visually inspected to ensure that no cross contamination of any kind has occurred during transport. Pallets are stored in a secure area. Before each bottle is filled, it enters a closed chamber to receive a disinfectant ozone rinse. The purified water used to fill the bottles passes through a UV filter. The bottles are corked in the filling station and are not sent open to the next production step.

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Bay-Bay is distilled formula water you can trust. It’s phosphate- and fluoride-free water for babies in convenient, single-use bottles that you can take with you. No more sterilizing breakable glass bottles or lugging around gallon-sized distilled water containers. Our BPA Free Bottled Water for Formula and Cereals is pure, safe and convenient, making it the pure solution you need.

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