India is a role model for the whole world, says Professor Bhagwatsharan Shukla

UJJAIN: Maharshi Panini Sanskrit and Gyan Vigyan Samvardhan Kendra, a Sanskrit Education Training from Vedic University, hosted a conference on “Classicism and the Science of Navratra”.

The program was chaired by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Vijaykumar CG, the Keynote Speaker, Prof. Bhagwatsharan Shukla, a leading grammar and Purvacharya scholar from the Hindu University of Banaras, Varanasi. The preamble and welcome speech of the program was presented by Dr Manmohanlal Upadhyay, Director of Kendra.

Keynote speaker Prof Shukla, while explaining the importance and scientificity of Navratri, said India is a role model for the whole world.

By observing the fast of Navratri throughout the season cycle, Chaitra Sandhi, Ashadha Sandhi, Ashwin and Posh Sandhi, the purification of the intellect and the excellence of the thoughts increase.

Common people, who are ignorant of science, relate science to tradition directly and indirectly for the benefit of everyone. From the establishment of the vessel in Navratri to the worship of Kanya, the process is by rules, etc.

Professor Shukla said about the Navratri Parana that the Parana is not scriptural until the date following the date of the fast, so the fast should only be done on the tenth day.

In the presidential address, the VC said that the importance of fasting is because it is followed by scriptural behavior and withholding, which is of great importance in balancing life.

The body receives energy from the Navratri fast. This is absolutely necessary during the rainy and autumn conditions. Due to this energy remains in the body throughout the year. At the same time, the Vice-Chancellor expressed his best wishes for the smooth running of the program.

Acharya Dr Akhilesh Dwivedi, Department of Vedas and Grammar, Dr Upendra Bhargava, Acharya from Department of Astrology and Astrology, Dr Sankalp Mishra, other teachers and students of the university were present in the program.

The vote of thanks was taken by Dr Tulsidas Parouha, Chairman of the Department of Literature and Philosophy. The program was led by Dr Shubham Sharma and Tantra Coordinator Dr Vinod Kumar Pandey.

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Posted on: Sunday October 10, 2021 11:17 IST

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