Eastbourne company supplies chamber with technology to reduce risk of infections

LED-UK Ltd, based in Elm Grove in Hampden Park, is a UK supplier of UV-C disinfection technology. UV-C lamps can be used to kill germs such as bacteria and viruses that are often passed from person to person through air droplets – this includes Covid-19.

A company spokesperson said, “To dramatically reduce the risk of new infections, UV-C based air purification is the most effective method. “

The Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce has secured a number of these ultraviolet air purification units which will be used to continuously purify the air to help achieve a biologically safe building.

Left to Right: Jill Benjafield (Membership & Events Manager), Steve Marshall (LED-UK Co-Director), Christina Ewbank (Chamber General Manager)

In addition to this, the chamber has also purchased a number of LED-UK UV disinfectant lamps. Using ultraviolet rays, the lamps kill the DNA of viruses such as Covid-19 and influenza.

These disinfectant lamps can sterilize a room in minutes and will be used to ensure the safety of anyone in the room building.

The general manager of the room, Christina Ewbank, said “it is very fast” because between meetings the room staff turn on the light to kill all the germs in the room and “within half an hour it is is done – it’s perfect “.

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